Dados platform use cases (not linked on public site)

Dados platform use-cases


  • EngageIQ

    • The Engage IQ Platform enables CenTrak clients to automatically monitor RTLS system health, track user adoption, and maximize their real-time technologies to drive meaningful change. Engage IQ will also be leveraged for real time alerts to deliver powerful insights to the right stakeholders at the right time.
    • Dados’ unique platform enables the integration of the disparate data sources at each hospital system and allows us to process data and build models in real time, thus generating alerts, insights, and predictions faster and more cheaply than other competitors. Our implementation team’s unique skill and background in healthcare, analytics, and integrations also allows us to support this model extremely well
  • Dados can support use-cases across all industries. Dados AI technology is scalable and can be implemented in any vertical.

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