Bring big data and your expertise together to solve real-world problems

Build recommendation engines that work for you

By combining your real-world experience with cutting-edge AI tools, we create recommendation systems that can be trained and customized for almost any use-case.

Our team will work with you and the data that we ingest to build custom systems that can make inferences and recommendations based on the scenarios that it is presented with. Never before has this level of sophistication been available off the shelf.

Clinical guidance powered by DeepReco

DeepReco is changing the way healthcare is practiced. The DeepReco engine is able to ingest best-practice clinical pathways and combine that with real-world outcomes data to generate data driven guidance at the time of care. This takes into account not just common best-practices, but population data and the patient-specific factors that impact care. These tools are customized for your health system, but also use population data across clients to give you the best data possible.

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