Dottie - Your AI Assistant

Dottie is an Generative AI LLM chatbot that trains on the data that you give it. Dottie is completely customized for YOUR use-case

Dottie is the future

Frustrated clients and endless emails are a thing of the past. Dottie is an AI powered LLM assistant that trains on your any data that you give it, allowing you to leverage the power of chatgpt for your specific data. Clients, prospects, or internal users can then chat with Dottie and access that data you give it in a real-time conversational manner.

Dottie is user-friendly and easy to navigate making it simple for even the least tech-savvy clients to use. It’s also available 24/7, so you can get the information they need whenever they need it.

Dottie Use-Cases

Customer Service

Dottie as a customer service chatbot allows your customers to ask questions and get correct answers 24/7/365. 

Setup is simple, all you have to do is upload your customer service SOPs, FAQs, and any other documentation and Dottie will quickly train and be ready to get to work.

Sales Support

Dottie is a game changer when it comes to improving your sales process. Current customers and prospects can ask pricing and contract questions and get accurate answers in real time. 

Dottie makes your business stickier by performing customer engagement and and outreach on your behalf, powered by your marketing and support documentation.

Product Support

If your business sells complex products you know that ROI is only achievable when users are able to understand how to use the product.

Dottie gives customer, your sales team, and support teams the ability to ask product questions and get answers in real time. 

Upload your product documentation and let Dottie do the rest.

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