The only end-to-end real time data integration and predictive analytics cloud platform. Active Intelligence is here.

There is no one-size-fits-all AI solution. You have unique data silos, use-cases, and stakeholders. In order to bring value your AI vendor must be able to adapt to you. Our modular platform allows us to build the custom solutions that you need while still lowering cost and time to market. We also bring the deep AI expertise that you will need in order to be successful.

Cutting-Edge Tools

The Dados platform has 6 modules that have been built, tested, and used extensively by our client base. Based on your unique use-case, we will leverage the modules that you need.

Next Level Integrations

The Dados integration engine brings your data into a single hub. Our team has extensive experience in connecting to even the most primitive data sources so none of your data is out of reach.

AI on the Edge

AI on the Edge allows you to keep control of your data and network costs and maintain privacy by generating and running the ML models on edge devices in your network rather than processing the data in a central hub. This patented technology gives every device the ability to become an AI tool.

ML on the Stream

ML on the Stream gives the ability to process data and generate models in real time as data is processed. As part of the Dados integration engine, data can be streamed and processed from all of your disparate data sources as it is received, meaning lower warehousing costs and instant anomaly altering.


SimpliPredict™ is our self-serve deep learning platform. It allows users to generate predictive algorithms and requires little to no previous ML or coding expertise. Just upload and go. The tool can ingest CSVs, SQL data, and is integrated to a wide array of consumer APIs. 


SimpliDetect™ is Dados’ self-serve anomaly, pattern, and sentiment detection engine. Similar to SimpliPredict,  SimpliDetect allows users to upload or stream datasets directly to our system and requires no coding or AI experience. Just upload and observe.

AI Marketplace

Dottie is an AI Language model designed to generate human like responses to text prompts. With Dottie, you can quickly and easily generate natural responses to any question. Dottie Trains on the data that you provide, allowing you to build hyper specific use-cases around you business needs. Whether you need to generate marketing content, answer HR questions, or build an automated customer service team, Dottie is the solution for you.


The DeepReco engine is a recommendation engine that can be trained for specific use cases. This system can be used for your new use-case, or you can choose from previously built models that fit your needs.

Platform Features


Integrate with your data sources


Store your data in the most useful way possible


Create customized dashboards and alerts based on your needs and use cases


See how you match up with industry benchmarks


Create insights from the data that is gathered


Use AI and ML to build predictive analytics


Only you should see your data

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