What does dados do (not linked on public site)

The Dados Value Proposition


Problems in the AI Market today:

  • The sophisticated analytics required by today’s market are unavailable to most businesses, regardless of size
  • Expertise: AL/ML, federated learning, etc. are the domain of data scientists and PhDs
  • Cost: Building the teams, integrations, and infrastructure for cutting edge analytics is prohibitively expensive
  • Time: Implementation take years, during which time technology and strategic goals change


How dados solve these problems:

  • A modular analytics platform with standalone self-service components that can be used individually or in tandem to solve any analytics problem
  • Expertise: Cutting edge ML/AI, federated learning models available to anyone
  • Cost: On the edge and on the stream computing and processing remove the central hub
  • Time: plug and play components support rapid deployments
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