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The AI platform that will drive your businesses success

The Challenge

The sophisticated analytics tools required to compete in today’s market are unavailable to most businesses, regardless of size. According to Gartner, 48% of CIOs plan to implement AI solutions in the next 12 months, but implementation lags far behind demand. Many organizations experiment with AI but fail to reach a stabilized state.

There are three barriers to entry:

The Solution

We believe that by offering a platform of cutting edge pre-built modules that can be leveraged individually or in tandem, we can cut down on the cost and implementation time while also bridging the knowledge gap that prevents companies from fully realizing AI value.

Dados provides the most innovative and cost-effective services for businesses who want to better understand their business and the market around them. 

All this adds up to providing your business with a better understanding of what drives success.

Deep Learning Models
Data Transformation
Predictive Analytics and Actionable Data Insights

Our Value

Dados Analytics Platform

Choosing a partner for your business means looking beyond what you read on a website or in a brochure. It requires a thoughtful search for a company with a sterling reputation for providing services that meet or exceed national standards (we do); a company that is willing to do whatever it takes to meet your needs (we will); and a company that is dedicated to earning, and not expecting, your trust (we are). 

  • Proven Model
  • Working Side-By-Side With You
  • Years of Expertise

Dados has been providing cutting edge analytics for 40+ clients for over 2 years and our business continues to grow. Our platform was built around the real world use-cases brought to us by our clients, so we know that what we've built works, scales, and is dependable.

We adapt quickly to the needs and nuances of every client we collaborate with, sharing knowledge and proprietary technology to deliver better outcomes together. You can count on our highly qualified and experienced team utilizing best in class technology for anything that does go to a manual process, to keep your business humming.

The Dados Team brings significant expertise in all areas related to data analytics and software development. Our team of of published PhDs and data scientists ensure that our technology is cutting edge. Our integration team has decades of experience in connecting systems and silos. We also bring extensive business and project management expertise.

Earning Your Trust

We are dedicated to earning, not expecting, your trust. Integrity and honesty are our core values.

Committed To Your Success

We are willing to do whatever it takes to understand the problem and solve your needs. 

Eager & Dedicated Team

We want to exceed standards. Our team is eager to find solutions to every new challenge.

All your data, analytics, and AI on one platform - Dados

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