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No more black boxes! Dados grants you access to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, allowing you to turn raw data into knowledge, insights, action, and results. 


Delivering the Future, Today

As AI transitions from the technology of the future to the reality of the present, most businesses recognize that in order to compete they must incorporate advanced analytics into their stack. 50% of CIOs say that they have plans to launch AI initiatives in the next 12 months. However, demand far outpaces implementation. The cost, time, and expertise required to launch successful AI programs prevent most companies from succeeding. That’s where Dados comes in.
The Dados platform of AI, ML, Alerting, and Analytics products is designed to allow scalable, simplified, and cost-effective access to non-experts, removing the barriers to entry that prevent so many businesses from realizing the benefits of modern data analytics. Our goal is to de-mystify and democratize these tools, allowing everyone to benefit from their own data.

Our innovative suite of tools utilizing federated machine learning, distributed machine learning, large language modeling (LLM), edge computing, and other advanced AI/ML technology enables businesses of all sizes to solve real-world business problems regardless of complexity. From identifying shopify trends to providing real-time anomaly detection across health systems, Dados scales to meet your needs. 


Cloud Data Platform

Data Transformation

Dados will integrate with your data sources (no matter how siloed), stream it, and transform it in real-time.

Our prebuilt machine models are trained on the ever-changing landscape of business, which means they learn what matters most to you. Get alerts for any KPI along with notifications via your choice of delivery method.

Deep Learning Models

The Dados team of PhDs, data scientists, and developers brings substantial experience, knowledge, and subject matter expertise in a variety of business-related settings. This enables us to support any use-case that you can throw at us.

Our Data Scientists work hard to develop cutting-edge analytical tools using AI techniques such as Machine Learning or Neural Nets in order to present trends and insights into data-sets through predictions about future events.

Predictive Analytics and Actionable Data Insights

BI data comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Dados is the perfect tool to combine many structured and unstructured data sources to create a centralized data repository and single source of truth across the organization. The Dados data engine is the tool that can alleviate all of your pain points with its powerful joins and seamless integrations.

All your data, analytics, and AI in one platform - Dados

Dados Analytics

Platform Solutions

Platform Features


Integrate with your data sources


Store your data in the most useful way possible


Create customized dashboards and alerts based on your needs and use cases


See how you match up with industry benchmarks


Create insights from the data that is gathered


Use AI and ML to build predictive analytics


Only you should see your data

Dados Analytics

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